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The Delran Emergency Squad Inc. has provided Emergency Medical Service for free for the past 69 years. However, due to rising costs, we have started to charge a fee for our services.
The fee will be charged to all patients that are transported to hospital. The fee will be submitted to the patient's insurance company. The squad will accept whatever the patients insurance company pays. There will be no out of pocket expenses to our patients. Those who recieve a statment from DM Medical regarding your fee for service should contact them, as they may need additional information to process your claim. You are not responsible for any balance that the insurance company did not pay.
The squad is required to maintain a patient privacy policy (HIPPA), which is mandated by the federal government. Therefore, the squad can only release or discuss patient records and payment with consent from the following:
  • The patients written request

  • The patients parent or legal guardian

  • The patients power of attorney

  • A court issued subpeana