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Click Here for Instructions on How to Register for an Initial EMT Course or EMT Refresher Course (formerly Core 13)

NJ OEMS Website (for Basic CEU Courses ONLY!)

New User
1. Click on I need to create an account.
2. Fill in all information.
3. Click on Submit.
4. Create a password (atleast six letters with one # and one symbol sign (shift and any number).
To Register for a course
1. Go into catalog.
2. Type Delran in the search box or if looking for a specific course, type the course name in the Search box.
3. Click on your EMT-Basic course (ie: spring, summer, fall) or whatever course you are looking for.
4. Scroll down thru all courses until you find the location you are looking for.
5. At the botttom of the schedule, click on preview my schedule.
6. Scroll down and click on Register for course.
You are now registered.
Don't forget the Username which is a six digit number at the top of the page, that is the number you will type in for username whenever accessing the site.
Existing EMT's
**If you are already an EMT or at one time were an EMT in NJ.
Your password is the first initials of your first and last name and the last four digits of your SS number until you change it.
IE: Joe Black Password: JB1234