Our History

Delran First Aid Squad has an illustrious history, that has been written and re-written many times.

Below you will find our history:


July 15, 1937              

A committee was appointed to look into first aid training.


February 16, 1939   

A first aid station was set up in the fire house by

the Burlington County Red Cross, who also maintained all supplies and kept the station up to date.


June 15, 1939            

The fire company gave the squad permission to use any fire company apparatus on first aid calls.

The squad was operated within, and by the fire company from 1939 until May 4, 1951 when the Delran Emergency Squad incorporated.


In 1941 the First Aid Squad had its first drill with Riverside and Beverly.  The squad also became active in Burlington County First Aid Council.


August 8, 1946          

The fire company voted to continue the first aid squad as a fire company unit.


June, 1947                  

The first trailer for the rescue boat was purchased.


October 3, 1950         

The first Ambulance Commission was formed; Richard D. Show, President, William Horner, Sr., Secretary and Treasurer, Raymond Jauss, Nickolas Valenti, Harry Stevenson, Sr.  This group was appointed to run the donation drive and to run the ambulance that had been donated by Riverside American Legion Post #146.


October 19, 1950      

The ambulance started to cover the triple town area, Delran, Riverside and Delanco.  The ambulance was a 1940 or 1941 Buick.


December 18, 1950  

The very first meeting of what would become The Delran Emergency Squad, at the time the decision was to call themselves “First Aid Squad”.


January 2, 1951         

Organization was officially named the Delran Emergency Squad.  Supplies were granted from the American Legion.


February 6, 1951       

A motion was made to incorporate the Delran Emergency Squad and those papers were received on May 1, 1951.  On May 4, 1951, the Delran Fire Company #2 was incorporated as a separate unit.


March 3, 1953            

First reading of the squad by-laws.  The third and final reading was on April 7, 1953 when they were passed.


March 16, 1954          

A special meeting was called for not having the oxygen tanks filled and the ambulance was not properly equipped.  A motion was made, and passed to fine regular members $1.00 and officers $1.50 if they neglect their duties.


July, 1954                   

A special meeting was held to purchase a radio transmitter for the ambulance.


April 4, 1955               

The squad’s call number was 1104, and it was transmitted from Delanco District #11. Apparatus was 1117, 1118 and 1119.


December 3, 1957    

William Horner, Jr., becomes a member of the Delran Emergency Squad.


May 6, 1958                

Dr. Betz gave a report on the new method of artificial respiration of breathing into a patient’s mouth.


December 3, 1967    

Donald F. Horner became a member of the Delran Emergency Squad.



44 riding members answered 1,322 calls.



The 52 active members and four ambulances answered 790 calls, an increase of 27% from first half of 1976.


May, 1977                   

Donation Drive goal was $16,000.


September 21, 1978  1980

Wheeled Coach Ford Van Ambulance #2394 $26,000.



$2.00 dues.


January 9, 1984         

Type II 1984 MedTec Van #2392 $29,489.



Over 2,000 calls (2,003) answered for the first time.


January, 1994            

Busiest month, 82 active members answered 400 calls. 1994  20th anniversary answering every call dispatched.



New building - Moved from 1819 Underwood Blvd. to 900 Chester Avenue - Municipal Complex


December 8, 2002    

Riverside - Station 709 merged with Delran.


October, 2006            

Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) established.



Record number of calls - 4,211.


February 14, 2014     

Squad celebrates 75th anniversary.